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NNO: Opportunities In Como

Posted in portrait by kirbybjohnson on August 7, 2009

NNO_20090804The evening of August 4th marked the annual event that gives individuals, across the country, the opportunity to gather and revisit an old concept – – the neighborhood. This tried and true model of community flies in the face of another idea that has growing prevalence today. That notion being that the many houses lining our streets are lone structures, where families go about their lives – – all by themselves – – with scant interaction with other families. This notion  is the death nail to the concept of neighborhood. This notion leads to a missed opportunity. The opportunity to befriend someone who holds your same interests or concerns; the opportunity to befriend someone who holds different interests or concerns.  Each August, one evening is marked on the calendar to revisit an opportunity that is available to us every day and night of the year. Thank you to Rebecca and Kyle. The root beer floats along with Niko and Cessi made us feel welcome. Thank you for hosting National Night Out for our neighborhood. Thank you for the opportunity.